Automatic Rebar Tier

by Stephen
Max Automatic Rebar Tier

Create rebar ties quickly and efficiently with this amazing tool.

An automatic rebar tier can greatly reduce the labor required for many iron work jobs.  The Max TwinTier is the best of the best.  It produces the fastest and tightest ties of any automatic rebar tier on the market.  So why do need one when you can just do the job manually?

Risk of injury is lowered by using an automatic rebar tier.

Traditional rebar tying is a very strenuous manual labor job.  Iron workers often fall victim to musculoskeletal injuries such as carpal tunnel syndrome due to the repetitive nature of the task. Max automatic rebar tiers can reduce risk of injury by eliminating the most taxing portions of the job.

Automatic rebar tiers save time, money and increase quality.

In the field, the twintier has shown the ability to increase worker efficiency by around 20% resulting in huge savings to the business.  It also allows “green” workers to produce as good of quality of ties as veterans.

Features of the Max RB441T TwinTier

The twin tier has an innovative wire pull back mechanism that dispenses the precise amount of wire needed to form a tie.  This results in nice tight ties and reduces wire usage. The TwinTier can tie 4,000 ties per battery charge and up to 240 ties per coil of wire (on 4 x 4 rebar).

Rebar tie

Rebar Tie from a Max TwinTier

It finishes ties more efficiently than the previous generation model.  Bending the tie ends inward increases safety for the worker and results in ties that are 50% shorter.  Shorter tie heights allow for shallower concrete pours.   It also consumes 1/3 the amount of wire per tie than its predecessor. 

Additional RB441T Spec:

  • Rebar Sizes: #3 x #3 – #7 x #7 (up to #5 x #5 + #4 x #4)
  • Tying speed: Apprx. 1/2 seconds
  • Ties per charge: 4000
  • Weight: 5.6 pounds
  • Dimensions: 11.5″ x 4.75″ x 13″

Looking for a way to tie rebar standing up?

To close the ergonomic gap, Max developed the TWINTIER RB401T-E Stand-Up Rebar Tying Tool.  With this tool you know longer have to bend over to tie rebar!  This is an amazing breakthrough to anyone working long days tying rebar and can further reduce injury.  The tier is trigger-less simply place the jaws against the rod and wire is automatically fed and tied to the rebar.  The handles can be adjusted to the user’s height or for storage and transportation.
The Stand-up tier uses the same batteries and coil packs as the handheld version so you don’t have to buy redundant accessories.

Specs for the Stand-up TWINTIER RB401T-E

  • Rebar Sizes: #3 x #3 – #6 x #6
  • Tying speed: Apprx. 1/2 seconds
  • Ties per charge: 4000
  • Weight: 10.2 pounds
  • Dimensions:  12-3/4″(H) x 16″(W) x 43-3/8″(L)
Stand up Rebar Tier
MAX RB401T-E Standup TwinTier


An automatic Rebar tier has many amazing benefits:

  • Reduced labor time
  • Reduce injury risk
  • Increased efficiency
  • Increased production

These are production tools.  Therefore, they have production price tags.  Considering how quickly they can pay themselves back they are a no-brainer investment for those who do this work daily.

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