Tube Cutters

by Stephen

Best PEX Tube Cutter

The Milwaukee 48-22-4200 is the best cutter we’ve found for plastic tube cutting.  It slices through PEX and poly tubing with ease.  Here are the highlights for the Milwaukee  cutter:

  • Cuts tubing up to 1” diameter
  • Best for use with these materials: PEX, Poly, Rubber, and other plastics
  • Locking Mechanism-on handle keeps the tool in safe configuration when not in use
  • Replaceable Blades (add link)

This cutter is great for plumbing work and automotive work such as running brake lines.  If you are looking to cut larger plastic pipes or doing irrigation work we recommend using a ratcheting pipe cutter.


Milwaukee Tube Cutter
Blade Replacement

Milwaukee 48-22-4200 Blade Replacement

Blade replacement is super simple and can be done in these 3 easy steps:

  1. Unscrew 2 M3 x 0.5 securing the blade in the top jaw.
  2. Slide out old blade and discard.
  3. Install new blade and secure with the two M3 x 0.5 screws

Best Cutter for Aluminum and Copper Tubing

Ridgid 40617 Tube Cutter

The Ridgid 40617 Close Quarters Tubing Cutter, is the tool you want when you need to cut a tube in tight space.  Simply slide the tool over your tube, apply cutting pressure to the cutting wheel by turning the cutting knob then simply swing the tool around the tube.  Continue to dial in the feed screw knob on each successive revolution until you have cut through the tube wall.  Here are the highlights of the cutter:

  • Cuts tubing from ¼” to 1-1/8” diameter
  • Cuts Hard and Soft Copper Tubing, Aluminum, brass and plastic tubing
  • Very small and compact allowing you to cut in low clearance areas.
  • The ovular shape of the feed screw knob allows for better grip when your hands are wet and allows you to precisely control how deep you want to cut on each revolution.

This tool is perfect for working on copper tubing or electrical conduit.  It is a must have for tight spaces.

Ridgid 40617 Cutter Knob

Ridgid 40617 Blade Replacement

The 40617 comes with a spare E3469 cutter wheel in the knob.  To replace the wheel:

  1. Remove the retaining clip (item 13 in diagram).
  2. Pull the cutter wheel pin (item 2 in diagram).
  3. Remove and discard old cutter wheel.
  4. Install new wheel and replace pin and retaining clip.
Ridgid 40617 Blade Replacement

Best Steel Tube Cutter

The RIDGID 29963 Stainless Steel Tubing Cutter is a stronger cutter that you will want to use for cutting stainless steel and other stronger metals.  It works similarly to the RIDGID 40617 but it is a larger more robust tool.  It has a larger lever arm for you to push to cut through the stronger stainless steel material.   Additional bearings and rollers improve the strength of the tool and provide a smoother operation.  Here are its key features:

  • Cuts tubing from ¼” to 1-3/8” diameter
  • Cuts Stainless steel and Aluminum tubing. Users have noted that it also works well on steel.
  • Robust enough to cut harder materials and proven longevity
  • Users have been able to cut steel tubing up to 1/8” wall thickness

People have successfully used this cutter for stainless steel plumbing, hydraulic lines, bike frames, conduit, and even golf club shafts.

If you find yourself needing to cut larger diameters of steel tubing the Rigid 31803 can cut tubes up to 2-5/8” diameter.

Best PVC tube cutter

For PVC tube cutting we recommend using a ratcheting pipe cutter such as the RIDGID 23498.  To read more about this cutter check out our article here.

PVC Pipe Cutter

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