Car Roof Doorstep

by Stephen
Car Roof Doorstep- Loading Snowboard

Get gear easily on and off your car roof with this handy doorstep.

The Moki doorstep installs quickly by hooking on to your car’s door latch.  Allowing easy access to your car’s roof.  So that you can load and strap down car top cargo with ease.  Use it to load boxes, lumber, ladders; canoes, kayaks, and SUPS; skis and snowboards; bikes or simply anything you want to put on your roof.  It can even be used while washing your vehicle!

The rubber bumper and large contact area prevents damage to your car’s door frame.   The Moki Door Step is lightweight yet strong enough to support 400lbs.  The step is large enough to support both feet for maximum stability.  It’s dimensions are:  8.75” L x 3” W x 5.25” H.  It’s small  enough to be stored in your car’s glove box.

This gadget is not only for those who are vertically challenged.  It will prevent strains, save you time loading up your vehicle and make the job easier.

Car Door Step

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