Low Profile CLUG Bike Rack

by Stephen

Do you love biking but hate how much storage space your bike consumes?  

This awesome low profile bike rack consumes virtually no space and allows your bike to store vertically! 

 The CLUG bike rack mounts easily to a wall with just 2 screws.

You can choose to park your bike either vertically or horizontally.  To maximize your free space, and minimize the footprint consumed, we recommend selecting the vertical option.

This bike clip is ideal for small apartments or garages where space is at a premium.  The design of the clip is small, sleek and stylish so it won’t be an eyesore.  It is the world’s smallest bike rack.


Mounting the CLUG Bike Rack:

  1. Locate the space you want to mount your bike. We recommend a place that is unobtrusive and allows easy egress to the outside.
  2. Hold your bike against the wall in the position you want to mount it.  Mark the wall where the center of the wheel is touching.  (We recommend you mount directly to a stud) Use the template provided with your CLUG to mark the precise mounting hole locations.
  3. Remove the wheel grip from the outside cover. Align the holes in the cover to the locations you have marked.  Screw in the provided screws through the cover to secure the CLUG to the wall.
  4. Reinstall the wheel gripper into the cover. And you are ready to go!
How to Install the Clug

CLUG Bike Rack Sizes:

This low-profile bike rack comes in 5 different sizes.  Each one is designed to accommodate varying tire sizes.  There are rack sizes to support thin road bikes all the way to ultra wide mountain bike tires.  Check out the handy chart below to determine which CLUG is right for your bike.



The Hornit CLUG is an innovative and versatile bike storage solution.  It can be used both indoors and outdoors.  There are a variety of sizes to accommodate all sorts of bikes.  If you need a simple efficient solution to stow your bike look no further.  You can buy the world’s smallest bike rack for yourself by following the link below.

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