Plywood Sheet Carrier

by Stephen

Now this a handy tool to carry plywood!

The Gorilla Gripper Panel Carrier allows you to grip sheets of plywood and carry them by yourself!  It also works to carry drywall, particle board and other types of panels. 

Look Mom one hand!

The gripper works by clamping onto the surface of the material, creating a sturdy temporary handle for the person who is carrying them.  Rubber gripping pads mounted on the tool surfaces protect your material from being damaged or marred. 

Man using Plywood sheet carrier

This is a great tool if you do construction, if you’re a handyman or just a weekend home project warrior.  It allows you to carry large awkward sheets of material without the need for another helper.   This gripper self adjusts to accomodate thicknesses from 3/8-inch to 1-1/8-inch.

The ergonomic design of the tool allows you to grip the center of your material.  This allows you to lift and move it while maintaining a straight back.  This design feature eliminates the user from having to bend over while transporting the panel, thus reducing the risk for injury.

We love this efficient tool because it allows you to do more work by yourself, saves energy and effort from the task and reduces the risk of a workplace injury.  Check it out at the link below.

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