Quick Car Escape Tool

by Stephen
Car Escape Tool Breaking Window

Ever worried about being trapped in your car during an accident? 

Fear no more, with the Resqme tool securely on your keychain! This quick car escape tool gives you the ability to cut your seatbelt and break your windows quickly and efficiently.  

During a car accident, it is common for you seat belt to jam making it difficult to remove.  That’s where this tool comes in handy.  It features a shielded blade that ensures you cut the seatbelt and not yourself.

Resqme’s shielded blade cuts through seat belts like butter.

Once you’re free from your seatbelt, you’ll need a quick way to get out of your vehicle.  If your car has overturned, is submerged in water, or the doors are inoperable, the only safe way out may be through a window.  Simply press the spring-loaded tip of Resqme against the glass and watch it shatter.

Quick Car Escape Tool

The Resqme tool features a spring loaded spike, that once pressed against a window instantly shatters it. 

This awesome gadget was featured on Netflix’s show Southern Survival.  Travel with piece of mind with this handy quick car escape tool on your key chain!

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