Saker Contour Gauge

by Stephen
Saker Contour Gauge

This Contour Gauge Duplicator is one of the best on the market.

Easily copy any shape and transfer it to your part and get a perfect fit.  This contour gauge is perfect for any type of flooring job.  Easily trace relief cuts to set your workpiece around moulding, trim, plumbing and anything else you can think of.  It is an ideal tool for woodworking, metal work, flooring or any application where you need to replicate an existing profile.  The tool is used in 3 simple steps:

  1. Copy – Place the contour gauge against the shape you want to copy.
  2. Lock – Lock the profile by engaging the lock mechanism on the side of the tool.
  3. Trace – Index the contour gauge to the edge of your work piece and trace the profile on to your work piece.

After tracing simply cut the shape out of your workpiece and you are ready to install your work.  The ease of replicating contours on to another material, make this tool a must have.  Anyone doing any type of woodworking, metal work, flooring or carpentry will surely appreciate this tool.  Use it to copy the contour masonry, rock, trim, piping or anything you can think of.

Sizes: The Saker Contour Gauge comes in both 5 inch and 10 inch lengths.  The 5 inch gauge is fine to duplicate small contours such as trim or moulding.  A 10 inch gauge will help for large items you want to copy such as a curve, multiple pieces of plumbing or a large door jamb.  The Saker gauge can copy contour up to just over 3 inches in depth.

Additional Features:  The teeth which contour to the surface you are copying are non-marring and will not scratch your material unlike traditional gauges.  This tool also has a built-in ruler to take quick measurements.

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