Snow Melting Walkway Mat

by Stephen
Heated Mat for Stairs

Stop shoveling snow! Keep your walkways clear from snow and ice with a heated mat.

Prevent the dangerous build-up of ice on your walkways without constantly reapplying salt or deicer.  Heat trak mats use resistive heat to melt snow and ice away and prevent its accumulation.  By using a heat trak mat you’ll save time, money and ensure the safety of your walkways during the winter season.

The electric mat is easy to setup and use. 

There are 3 standard styles:

  1. Stair Mats (10” x 30”, 0.7 Amps)
  2. Walkway Mats (20 inches X 60 inches, 2.5 Amps)
  3. Entrance Mats (3 sizes: 24 inches X 36 inches, 1.8 Amps; 30 inches x 48 inches, 3.2 Amps and 40 inches x 60 inches 5.5, Amps)
Heat Trak 2in Per Hour

The resistance heating keeps the mats at 40 degree Fahrenheit.    Warm enough to prevent the buildup of snow and ice but not too warm to waste electricity.  You can connect up to 5 walkway mats (2.5 Amps each), 15 stair mats (0.6 Amps each) or any combination you like (up to 15 amps on a single power unit). If your connected mats exceed 15 amps, you will have to split up the mats. You will need to add a second power unit to plug into a separate outlet.

These heat mats will you keep you warm and cozy in your home while watch your neighbor shovel snow in the freezing cold.  The heated mats are a must have for enjoying your outdoor hot tub in the winter time.  No more cold toes or stepping painfully on to a chunk of salt.

Heated pathway to the Hot Tub

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